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  • Zhejiang Gaobao Machinery Co., Ltd.
    More than 20 years experience on slitter machine,sheeter machine
    30 years focused on cutting, cross-device Has a professional R & D team
    • Each factory machinery to develop archives
    • Body parts are marked serial number
    • Only provide the necessary accessories for the fastest speed for you
    • 24 hours after-sales service hotline to provide advice
    • Emergency fault Video Solutions
    • In this full of opportunities and challenges of the environment
    • We are down to earth and the relentless pursuit of
    • Full of confidence + your every support and recognition
    • Is that we provide a quality product every power and faith
    Thanksgiving has you!
    ABOUT US  
    Zhejiang Gaobao Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Pingyang Wanquan Industrial Zone,Wenzhou, Zhejiang , 30 years focused on: Slitter, cross-cutting machine, A4 Cutter and other equipment production, sales and service.
    Equipment due to the high degree of automation, quality and cheap.selling: Sun Paper, Seisensui Paper, Paper star, open Paper, paper stars,
    Nanjing weijing paper, sugar, paper and other domestic enterprises south and sold to: Africa, the Americas,
    the Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Chile, Djibouti, India, Iran, Jordan, Russia, Algeria, Angola, and other countries and regions.
    Because quality. So they chose us......MORE
    • Lianyungang Jinhe Paper Packaging
      Lianyungang Jinhe Paper Packaging
    • Shandong Sun Paper
      Shandong Sun Paper
    • Zhejiang Five-star Paper
      Zhejiang Five-star Paper
    • Jiashan Jin Hao Packing Material
      Jiashan Jin Hao Packing Material
    • Lianyungang Genshen Paper Products
      Lianyungang Genshen Paper Products
    • Shanghai Well Spring Paper Industry
      Shanghai Well Spring Paper Industry
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      Congratulations Gaobao website on line! ! !
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      Cutter Works
      [ 2015.01.24]
      Cutters operation is relatively simple, the environmental requirements are not high.
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      1. To do maintenance work and maintenance.First, routine maintenance should be in pla
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